Independent Monitor

Selection and Role of the Independent Monitor

Under the terms of the City of Baltimore Consent Decree, an Independent Monitor (“Monitor”), which will include a team of individuals with expertise in policing, civil rights, monitoring, data analysis, project management, and related areas, as well as local experience and expertise with the diverse communities of Baltimore, to assess and report on whether the requirements of this Agreementhave been implemented and provide Technical Assistance in achieving compliance.

The selection of the Monitor shall be pursuant to a process jointly established by the City, BPD and DOJ, and further explained in the Request for Application (“RFA”). The RFA specifies the criteria upon which the selection for the Monitor shall be made, including: each team member’s experience and qualifications to perform the tasks outlined in this Agreement; the ability to work collaboratively with BPD and DOJ to enable BPD to reach compliance with this Agreement; and the ability to do so in a costeffective manner. As part of the RFA, applicants will be required to submit a proposed budget for the work to be performed under this Agreement.

Monitor's Term

The Monitor shall be appointed for a period of three years from the Effective Date, subject to an evaluation by the Court to determine whether to renew the Monitor’s appointment until the Termination of this Agreement or for another two years, whichever happens first.

Monitor Implementation Timeline

  • June 8, 2017: Monitor Team Applications are due
  • On or before June 16, 2017:  Monitor Team Applications will be posted for public review and comment
  • July 17, 2017:  Public Comment on the Monitor Team Applications ends
  • July 21, 2017:  Finalist Applicants Invited for Interviews
  • August 7, 2017:  Public submits written questions to ask Finalist Applicants
  • August 16, 2017:  Public Meetings (two) in which Finalist Applicants answer the public’s written questions
  • Week of August 21, 2017:  City and BPD together with DOJ recommend Finalist(s) to the Court

All timeline items will occur concurrently to the Mayor appointing members to the Civilian Oversight Task Force (COTF) and the Baltimore City Police Department's actions to implement the reforms delineated in the Consent Decree.