Andrew Reinel

Andrew ReinelAndrew Reinel
Neighborhood: Waverly
Andrew Reinel is an adult ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher as well as an after-school educator. He is also the co-founder and lead coordinator of “Sanctuary Streets Court Support”, a collective of volunteers that accompany non-U.S. citizens to their court dates to deter immigration agents from targeting community members. Mr. Reinel will begin pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Policy starting in the fall of 2017 at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, with a focus on Urban Policy. Mr. Reinel lives in Waverly with his wife. 


"I wanted to be a part of the Civilian Oversight Task Force because I believe that meaningful civilian oversight of law enforcement is one of many important ingredients in curbing civil rights violations and the trauma and distrust these abuses result in. I plan on making recommendations based on research that includes reviewing best practices from around the country and input from Baltimore City residents."