Ray Kelly

Ray KellyRay Kelly
Neighborhood: C.W. Baltimore (Pennsylvania Avenue)

Ray Kelly, is a lifelong resident of West Baltimore and a seasoned community organizer who is internationally recognized for working for social and restorative justice, better community and police relations as well as legislative reform with the residents of Central West Baltimore (Pennsylvania Ave). He also serves as Vice-Chair of the executive committee at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in Sandtown where he was baptized in 1973.

Since 2010, Ray served as the President of the No Boundaries Coalition, a resident-led advocacy organization building a unified and empowered Central West Baltimore across the boundaries of race, class, and neighborhoods and now serves as the organizations Chief Executive. He was also a driving force behind forming the West Baltimore community Commission on Police Conduct, whose report, ”Over Policed, Yet Underserved, The Peoples findings…” was referenced multiple time in the DOJ’s findings Report.

Ray and the No Boundaries Coalition, along with members of the Statewide Collaborative CJSJ (Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs) partnered with the DOJ Civil Rights Division to conduct “The People’s Decree Summit”, where almost 100 residents, 13 organizations, and 11 representatives from the DOJ gathered in St. Peter Claver Hall to fine tune recommendations on how their neighborhoods should be policed, that document, The Peoples Decree of Central West Baltimore was reflected in the Consent Decree and continues to frame and influence the new era of policing for Baltimore City.