Community Oversight Task Force (COTF)

As part of the Consent Decree, the City of Baltimore was required to establish a Community Oversight Task Force (COTF) to recommend reforms to the civilian review board and the current system of civilian oversight.

The below City residents were appointed by on June 27, 2017 after receiving over a hundred applications from the community.

The Community Oversight Task Force met from July 2017 until June 2018 to fullfill the requirements of the COTF.  During this time they reviewed how the City is currently handling civilian oversight, interviewed various community members, city agencies, and organizations to identify their concerns and engaged with subject matter experts to ascertain best practices.  

On September 10, 2018 the Community Oversight Task Force issued the final report outlining its recommendations.  You can read the Community Oversight Task Force report here.

Click on any of the below COTF member's photograph to learn more about them.

Andrew Reinel

Daniel Levine

Dr. Danielle Kushner

Denise Duval

Catalina Byrd

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson

Marvin McKenstry Jr.

Sen. Ralph Hughes

Ray C. Kelly